Directed Writing Paper 1 SPM: Forecast question 2013

Posted: June 21, 2013 in My Work Field
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Dearest students,

Apology for zero updates. Life has been so pretty hectic, wish you were in my shoes. Giggling to myself.

Anyway, one of my dearest students asked about upcoming SPM English paper for this year?

For Paper 1,

Section A: not really based on instinct or psychic power, but based on the analysis of past year papers, the chances for Article question to come out in the exam is pretty high. Usually, still referring to the past year papers, the article question requires the students to write and publish for school magazine or as a newsletter. Just remember to have proper title and the name of the author. In the market, there are so many samples of article, but do make sure that you must analyse the content in meticulous manner because some of them are rather incoherent, if you get what I mean.

Now if Article does not come out, definitely it will be Report question. Now the tricky part for Report paper, I have seen numerous types of samples, one may write a report to the Principal, which is the most common question in the exam, but rarely on news report. From the several years of analysis, most of the report question goes to the Principal. Pay attention on the language of the report.

Nevertheless, I have yet to see Formal Letter come out in the exam for so long. No harm to take a quick glimpse on the sample. You will never know that it will come out in the exam.

Despite of the analysis given, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have done your homework on all types of format for Directed Writing question.




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