Turning A Junkie Meal to a Healthy One!

Posted: June 18, 2012 in My Personal Life

Many people believe that Maggie or Mamee instant noodle is not a healthy food as it contains too much MSG and unbalance nutritional values.  To some extend some parents blame on the food for the increasing rate of kidney failures among their kids.

Is it really a fact or a myth? Well…i dunno, but I know i love to eat instance noodle. Since i lead a busy life, instance noodle suits my need to sate my hunger. I dunno whether it is truly harmful to my health, but so far I am kicking good.

But i do believe when it is consumed too much, it’s going to be harmful. Well then, too much of everything is poisonous ryte?

I have my own way to turn this so called junkie meal to a healthy ones. All you need to do is to throw some veggies and protein based food like shrimps in the meal. Let the series of picture show you how I turn them to be nutritionally balanced meal

put in seasoning, veggie leafs, cauliflower and cook them till are all tender

add some shell-free shrimps and  diced chilies to add the spice

And the final touch, put in the instant noodle curry flavored and cook for one minute..

Tada!! Finished and ready to be served!!

~Selamat Mencuba Everyone~


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