Hope For The Best..

Posted: June 17, 2012 in My Personal Life

It has been ages since the last entry, being so damn busy lately. Life is still wonderful, despite having to deal with endless works and school affairs.

Yes it’s wonderful to have someone that always stands by your side in whatever circumstances, and whispers you comfort words when the whole world turns against you, and for that it en-strengthens you to face all oddities of this world.

It’s already June, means it has been 3 months since I earned the new title, Mr Married Man. Everybody is expecting big from me. My family and friends are expecting for my Jr. soon.

Awkward. That is how i felt whenever I have to induce reasons for not having ones just yet after 3 months of marriage. All I can say  is just that we are working toward that.

Let just hope for the rezeki. I am looking forward to be a daddy. It just that the time is not yet to come for me to upgrade my title. Allah knows best what lies ahead and what best for me and my wife. Let’s hope for the best…


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