Reminiscing the Good Old Days

Posted: February 19, 2012 in My Personal Life
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With my self-designed banner

It was another boring Sunday morning. I chose to kill the boredom by rearranging the scattered files in my lap top when suddenly I stumbled upon a long lost album during varsity days. It was the time in our final year of study where we were assigned to organize an exhibition on world sustainability.

I admitted that was the hardest and stressful assignment we’ve ever had in our study years. It was not about writing academic exercises, but to organize an exhibition involving multiple private agencies. When none of us had any single idea about being liaison officers or communicating with outside agencies , we were bewildered of what to do, and lost unguided and had to blindly do it by ourselves.

I guess, I got the toughest task of them all. I had to handle both group assignment and to take care the multimedia tasks for the exhibition. For the group task, our group were assigned to make an exhibition on oxidation ponds in UKM. A topic that none of us knew a single thing about . So, we had to crack all information through various means. That included site visitation, dialogues and interviews, data collection through internet and seeking hard materials at the varsity library. We had to turn all those materials and information into posters, picture albums and a video presentation. I really had to work  insanely hard to finish them and sadly, most of my group members had to solely rely on me as they were all females and knew nothing about multimedia publication.

As one of the committee members of the organizer, I was entrusted to take charge of Multimedia portfolio. I had to design two distinctive banners, a normal canvas banner and an electronic banner for mega screen projection to promote the event. Another head-cracking task was laid on my shoulder while the other shoulder was meant for the group assignment. I had to sacrifice my sleep in order to finish the job. It was tough, but it really taught us about life as it had developed our roundness and soft skills. And yeah, we did it. Splendidly. I miss those days.

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