Train vs Tanker- The Aftermatch

Posted: October 31, 2011 in My Personal Life
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Toasted train..

Was on our way home after visiting a colleague at Likas Hospital with asfarinah, kak roha and Kak Intan when suddenly we were ringed and advised by a friend to detour our way to an alternative road. It was said that an accident, a collision to be precise, between a tanker and a Sabah train had triggered a massive traffic congestion ahead. Ironically, we decided to give a visit to that site despite of having to endure the painful slow motion of the traffic movement.

The head of the unlucky train was all toasted!

The traffic was starting to be congested from Tanjung Aru Flyover, and I had to steer my wheel for almost one hour for just 2 KM distance to the site, which took place right in front of Shell and facing off the KKIA. Tell you what, it was not easy for me to hold  myself together when most impatient drivers kept on honking and overturned here and there to find an escape.  Luckily I was not driven of doing anything reckless, such as crossing the divider or racing for the leftest lane, though i was actually had a thought about it. This was the price for us to pay in order to quench our curiousity.

Upon arriving at the site, I got my car parked at the site of the road and started to foot on to the location. Could see that the firefighters were still watering the derailed train, perhaps to cool it down after toasted with the tanker’s 27000 litres of burning petrol before. It looked pretty toasted, and we were all like bewildering on how such accident could have possibly occurred when everything looked so right. I mean, the gate was there, operational, and the train was manually operated. Perhaps accidents just happen in any way possible!

The impact crippled the plastic!

Kak Roha was quite anxious to know the details. Many of her acquaintances were affiliated to Sabah train, and she was quite worried if anyone of her kin was in that unlucky train. I tried to leak out some information about the accident from a police officer who was guarding the area, but he didn’t want to talk about it. All he said was ‘I don’t know’. Obviously, he tried to hide the number of casualties. But then, there was a Shell officer talking in the phone, perhaps to his boss, reporting what had actually happened. We were all like eavesdropping, and we could here from his conversation that there were only eight train passengers injured. No fatalities were reported. That was a good news, so we all decided to fleet away from the scene.

Today was definitely an eventful day for me. And the fatigueness started to attack my nerves.


Anxiety of these three English teachers are seen in their faces


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