My Hypocrisy

Posted: October 27, 2011 in My Personal Life

It has been a while since the last entry. I was quite busy with this hectic life. My wordings were not so lucid lately for writing. My mind was like being blocked by this bullet speed life style.

School works were like endless internal abyss that will devour those procrastinators. I am a procrastinator my self, so I know how it felt like when things got all messed up. It was like hell.

But the thing is, am still the same old plain faceless me, never been anyone to be so prone with life threatening idiocrasy but me. Perhaps am so idiot to be that smart to learn from the past.

The thing is, am getting damned bored with my job. Teaching has never been my passion from the start. Day by day was like tormenting hell and I was like succumbed deep inside this hilarious joke of hypocrisy. And am growing tired of it.

Life is no miracle no more. My Strength is withering along with the flowing illusion of good life.
Probe for changes is all I need.

Hope everything will be good. InsyaAllah

  1. Md Is says:

    Come on young man…~.*

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