The Reminder For Us All

Posted: September 29, 2011 in My Personal Life

It was around 4.45 pm when I decided to go home after a hectic day at school. It was just another Tuesday evening, and as usual, I cruised through the Lok Kawi-Papar Bypass to home. Upon arriving the Beringgis Bridge, I noticed that the traffic was getting slower. Something happened at the bridge, I saw a few drivers stopping by the side of road to check on. I had a hunch, could be an  accident, and as usual, Malaysian with their curiosity had made the traffic pretty congested. That included me though.

I stopped at a safe road side, and walked to the bridge. Many people headed to that place. And as I thought, there was a black Hilux underneath the bridge, crushed crumbled like a trash after bumping into the bridge concrete. I saw a few locals tried to pull out a woman from the truck. Then when I looked on the other side of the road, then I just realized that the driver of the unlucky truck was laying on the road side. Apparently, the locals had pulled him first before the lady. They covered his face with a towel, so I thought that guy was d alreadyead .

Suddenly, there was a man in blue uniform shouted that the guy was still alive, as he sensed his pulse was still beating. So a few people tried to give him sort of CPR…but it was too late. Two bodies laid lifeless before my eyes.

The thing that disappointing me was  the delay of the rescue team. It took 25 minutes for the firefighter to arrive and the ambulance even worse, more than half of an hour to arrive! I wonder if the ambulance had  arrived much earlier, that guy could have been saved.

Later on, I learned that bot them were husband and wife, a very young couple from Tenom. I dunno if they r muslim or not, but hope they will rest in peace. I guess this is a reminder for me, and for all of us to be careful on the road.

The female victim was pulled out from the truck by the locals-Deceased


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