KLIA Transit arriving at Putrajaya Central

The next morning, I was sent by my sis to Putrajaya Central at 6.30 a.m. I decided to use KLIA Transit since it was so convenient. After waiting for less than 10 minutes, the train arrived. The journey took only 15 minutes to arrive. And I was enjoying the free WIFI inside the train again. I still can’t phantom ones can access internet in a speeding train for free. A very convenience service!

Once arrived at KLIA, I headed my way to gate A9. I was greeted by this attendant, speaking  in Kelantanese dialect to me. He had this keen interest of showing his locality to everyone, which for me was a good thing. I spoke to him in Kelantanese dialect as well, saying that it was for hari raya that made the whole journey so lively.

Boarding the Aircraft

It was not long when we were called for boarding. I was among the first group that was called for boarding since my seat was slightly at the bottom back of the aircraft. Apparently, they want to fill in the seat from the back first, before they start calling people whose sitting in the middle. Those who had their seats in front of the aircraft were the last group. ¬†This system was so convenient as we were given lot of space to walk in and finding out seat, unlike Air Asia where they let the economy seat passengers to cram like sardine in a can to find their seat. I chose a seat near the window, so I can see the landscape outside the aircraft. This journey was a quiet journey though, as my seat partner was a male and so mute to talk. I couldn’t care less.The outside picture was a lot better to entertain my self in this 55 minutes journey rather than talking to a snobbish person.

Kelantan from bird angle

I didn’t have time to feel bored. I had my Ipad2 with me. I read the Harian Metro, and once a while, snapped a few photos of outside scenery. I was surprised to see that Kelantan was so rich with paddy fields, and oceans of green forest. What a resourceful country! The journey was quite short though, as I landed at 8.50 a.m at Sultan Yahya Petra Airport, Kota Bharu.

Sultan Yahya Petra Airport

I was dashingly headed to pick up my bags. There were many identical bags flashing through the luggage escalator, and they were all hardly distinguishable. Luckily I tagged my bags with yellow ribbons, so I could easily recognize my bags, even from afar. I think everyone should apply this trick to help them identifying their bags.  Since that nobody from my family member could come to fetch me from the airport, I had to resort to the public transportation. It was a long wait for the bus to Kota Bharu bus station, and I had almost given up. Luckily, there was a guy who was in the same shoe appeared. We made a deal to get a cab and shared the RM15  fare. I arrived at Kota Bharu bus station at 9.30 a.m.

Kota Bharu Bus Station

My real suffering started here, at Kota Bharu Bus Station. My destination was to go to Gelang Mas, thus I had to wait for a bus numbered by 54. The real issue was, the bus didn’t show up after an hour of tiring waiting. An hour again of waiting…and I had almost succumb to despair, before suddenly i flashed a bus with a 54 numbered in front of me. Thank goodness, my bus finally arrived and I quickly boarded with all my stuffs and bags. There were not many passengers, considering it was still early morning. I took my time to rest up, though my throat was burning for water. And it was totally a test for it was still a fasting month and I had to endure the thirst. I looked outside the glass and observe Kota Bharu city, there were not so much changes since I left last 3 months. Juz the old plain Kota Bharu. I snapped some pictures…

The Unfinished First Flyover in Kelantan

Nice Machine!

My Former School-SMK Tendong..miss the moments!!

While I was in the bus, my eyes were quite thwarted to bungalows along the road. They were all beautiful, came up with different shapes and designs, and obviously owned by the locals. Now, I start to wonder about the fact that most Kelantanese are poor. It was definitely a false fact, in fact these houses indicate that Kelantanese are among successful race in Malaysia. They are diligent, business minded people and educated and among those who are sturdy and never admit themselves to failures. I am proud to be a Kelantanese, and I believe my house too, will signify my successful in life.

Kelantanese beautiful villa

The journey from Kota Bharu to my kampung took around 45 minutes by bus. I arrived in Kg. Gelang Mas around 11.15 a.m. I was greeted by my old primary school. Looking at that school was like walking down the memory lane. I miss the day when I was kid. Back then, there was nothing to worry. All I had in mind was to have fun with friends. Life was so colorful, vibrant and flamboyant…ooops, they are all synonymous..

And in no time, I arrived at my home, in Kg. Kolam. It was a quiet kampung…not much change and still the same as 10 years ago. Development do not penetrate here, perhaps due to flood which hindering any development process. I like my kg to stay this way, unspoiled, untouched by the stains of development.

This is not my house, this is goat house, belong to my uncle!

The Green is Preserved

The same road that I used when I was small..nothing changed

My Uncle's and my Auntie's houses...

And you know what…i was so damn happy to be greeted with these kampung boys in a very unique way. They are all my cousins..and I need to work ¬†hard to remember my cousins’ names.

Nice greeting by lil cousins of mine

that’s it all my journey from sabah to kelate. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Batin. Tq for reading this nonsense blog again ūüėČ


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