The Beauty of Sabah In My View

Posted: August 23, 2011 in My Personal Life
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Mt. Kinabalu-The pride of Sabah

The beauty of Sabah has never been a daunting for everyone to visit. It is true that, their white sandy beaches are heavenly. If you happen to visit Karambunai for instance, you will be amazed with the greenish crystal clear water. Their islands  are paradise! In fact they have one of the most beautiful island in the world- The Island of Sipadan located in Semporna. Then, they have a very lively citadel, the heart of Sabah, the cradle of all trades, fashions and immerse opportunity of all sorts, which of course Kota Kinabalu.

But ¬†the thing is, does Sabah really beauty as what is was proclaimed for? let me tell you the other side of ‘beauty’ that seems to be concealed away from most of us…

The people of Sabah, made of various ethnic groups such as Kadazan Dusun, Bajau, Brunei, Bugis, Murut, Bisaya, Suluk, Brunei, Javanese and Malay, are relatively living in poverty, despite that their homeland is bestowed with abundance prosperity here and there. The government is having too much of hidden files to conceal the bribery acts they have been committing for years, causing for this group of people to be suffering in their very own state. I dare to say that Sabah is the cradle of blue-collar crime- briberies or corruptions are a major concern that the government has to deal with.

Tanjung Aru Flyover takes 3 years to comlplete

Look at the way of the development is being organized in Sabah. The¬†remodeling¬†of railways and train services took almost 5 years to completion. The construction of several flyovers in Kota Kinabalu took almost three years to complete when it was only taking 1 year completion in peninsular. And the most peculiar flyover i have ever met in my life is located near petagas, where as from three lanes opening ending up with juz one lane of exit, thus causing major traffic congestion during peak hour in the evening. And it has this stupid stopping lane for resting at the right corner of that flyover…so damn ridiculous!

Nowadays, the locals has very little opportunity to own house of their own for the price is mounting ridiculously. The price of a house in KK is in fact more expensive than a house in KL. So, only the chinese and the foreigners are now making Sabah their home as they can only afford it, and the locals have to beg for their better livelihood in their very own land.

Ridiculous Flyover ever- Petagas Flyover

Another ‘beauty’ part of Sabah is the way the locals do their¬†business. Can u imagine that they sell Durians for RM30 per kilo? That is so damn ¬†insane! ¬†In Semenanjung you can get three durians with only 10 ringgit. Durian is not that scarce in Sabah, but this people only fond about getting the profits without thinking of how to extend the profitable rate¬†continuously in the future¬†. Whoever bought with them will no longer be looking forward to buy again for the¬†ridiculous price.

'Babu' is selling Durian at Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu

To Sabahan, dun be offended. This is juz my personal opinion. I wrote this because i was so pissed of with the traffic jam at that¬†ridiculous Petagas Flyover from KK…huhu

Trapped in traffic congestion at ridiculous Petagas flyover..

  1. sampuro says:

    extra lane to view KKI airport…

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