Camar Pulang ke Sarang – From KK to KL

Posted: August 23, 2011 in My Personal Life
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It’s 24th of August. It’s true that I have been looking forward  for this day to come, now here it is. I am going home today. Going back to where I belong to with family and beloved ones in Pasir Mas Kelantan. I have to get an early leave despite  that today is still a working day, for the date is fix  as it was issued by the airlines agent. I don’t care anymore, most importantly I’ll be home!

I packed my things on the night ecxited to go home

But before that, I have to go to school first. This morning, I went into class with a big smile. Excitement of going home had severely affected my psycho-moto. The students… hmm..well I dun keep any secret to them, the knew it well about my return. The good thing was, they were not so much of annoying pests as before when it came ,bout doing school works. They juz sat nicely doing the practice that I handed earlier, which made me feel so sooth this morning.

But then, I didn’t tell my boss about my absence for tomorrow. I know if I applied for CRK, it will be disapproved. I know the principal’s nature very well after years of teaching at that school. The solution is…hmmm MC!….”Mr Doc, I think am having a diarrhea, I keep on going to toilet in every 10 minutes since last night. It must have been the bazaar foods that I ate while breaking my fast yesterday”…. “you must issue me an MC for I dun feel very much fit to go to work today”, These dialogues will be used to get an MC from a government clinic tomorrow…wish me luck on lying….now I feel bad about planning on lying during this holy month…but I dun have any other option…

Nonetheless, I was still feeling responsible about leaving my duty for this evening’s program, Ihya Ramadhan…my job was to snapshot photos for the whole event…Since I can’t be there coz I have to check in for my flight at that time, I had to hand over the job to one of my best photographer, Mizuan Mijid, a form 5 student. Hopefully he can carry the duty perfectly on my behalf.

That afternoon, I drove to Kota Kinabalu to buy special dried fish. My family loves to eat them with rice, I guess dried fish can be a pretty good souvenir from Sabah. I parked my car at Kota Kinabalu Grand Market and made my way to Pasar my goodness, the price for the dried fish was so damn pricey! It was RM 45 per kilo!…after several minutes persuading the aunty, she agreed to reduce RM 5 and I bought 2 KGs.

Special Dried Fish, RM40 per KG at Pasar Filipin, Kota Kinabalu

Rushingly back home, I made a little house cleaning, and turned off all the power plugs. I had myself a quite shower, and rushed back to school, to meet Asfarina. She will be the one to drive me to the airport. We arrived at KKIA at 4.00 pm, after waving her good bye, I rushed to drop my luggages at the counter. I only have another 1 hour before the boarding time. Luckily the dropp off bag was a quick process and I dashed to gate A4…and here I am waiting for my flight to KL….

Gate A4 at KKIA

Unfortunately, my flight was delayed for 30 minutes before we were called for boarding. My seat was 35A, near the window so that i can capture some shots from the air. I was quit fallen to one of the flight attendant. She had this killing dimples on both cheeks, smiling angelically greeting the passengers for boarding. I felt so damn ashamed for not snapping her picture. My seat partner was a girl. When had a little chat with her, I found out that she was a teacher like me, teaching at SMK Gunsanad 2, Keningau. I was quite happy coz at least i have a chat partner to kill some times on the plane. In the mean time, I snapped several photos while we were ascending to the air…

Kota Kinabalu from bird angle

I arrived at KKIA around 8.45 PM. Since my sis couldn’t fetch me up at KLIA, I decided to take on KLIA Transit. The fare was only RM6.20 to Putrajaya Central. It just took 15 minutes ride from KLIA to Putrajaya. I was so amazed with the free WIFI inside the train.  I used my Ipad to check on my FB notifications, and in fact i had a few short conversation using FB chat feature with my friend while I was on the go, in a moving train. Amazing!

KLIA greets me with vibrant colour..

The have free WIFI in this KLIA Transit!

I’ll continue writing about my journey from Kuala Lumpur to Pasir Mas on the next post. Till then, thanks for your time reading this nonsense blog!:)


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