Tell me about it..

Posted: August 22, 2011 in My Personal Life

I realised I find myself caught in a situation whereby when one was lamenting to me about his/her dilemma, predicament etc and when I say, “tell me about it”, I get more elaboration!

Hmm I don’t want to be rude so I just listen on.. knowing it would be a long one..

I wonder how many people does not know what “tell me about it” means.. It’s different than saying “tell me MORE about it”..

“Tell me about it” means I understand your situation as I would have experienced it before, I know how it felt, etc, but it’s far from asking you to elaborate!

If I want to find out more information about your situation, I would have said, “tell me more about it”..

So the next time people say “tell me about it”, don’t go on a 20 minute detail story! I would probably look around the room scanning instead of listening, I’m sorry but I won’t want to interrupt you see! 🙂

Do you find yourself in these situations?

I can't help but to close my eyes..brain load...


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