When 4 kg isn’t good enough

Posted: August 18, 2011 in My Personal Life

Down to 73 during Ramadhan

First sign.. my weight is down by 2kg….then keeps going down another 2kg

But don’t scoff at me just yet for those who have been trying millions of methods just to shed 100gm.. I didn’t lose much actually considering that the 4kg is probably fats..

So is it good or bad?

We know that fats are stored for energy consumption.. and when we don’t eat enough, the body will use the fat to burn off first, then when there is no more fat, the body will start burning muscles..

At the same time, I am building muscles by doing resistance weight lifting.. I’ve bulked up quite a bit of late compared to just maintaining the figure..

The idea of going gym twice a day for minimum 5 days a week isn’t crazy.. I used to do that.. then I got lazy.. HAhahaha… seriously, good bods are built over a period of time.. you don’t just wake up one day and viola.. your abs ditched united nations..

Fat hope – not ever, ever gonna happen!

LOLx.. I am probably just having 9% of body fat.. but at the BMR I am going, at my height and weight, I only need 4-5% of body fat.. Which means that 4kg out of 73kg is just probably 3%? I still have a long way to go to hit 5% LOLX., provided my weight increases!!!

Oh damn…



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