Good Intention Backfired Me

Posted: August 12, 2011 in My Work Field

The spade

This morning every form teacher was called to the conference room. Apparently, the principal has got something to say. I had no idea what it was, until when the form 2 Ibnu Rushdy was mentioned, I started to see a clear picture…

It was about my class T Shirt which was said to be indecent with the value of the school. I was personally responsible because I was the one that helped to bring the design into publication. I had no idea that their design, which has a spade symbol, could somehow trigger such an issue to the school, though to me it was no big deal.

I had my best intention to help my students, trying to fulfill every request they made. I was just trying to be a good teacher to them, but I had no idea that my good intention backfired me eventually.

I personally disappointed with the way this school viewed this issue. For me, instead of fussing such a trivial matter, they better spare their concern about how to help students boost up their motivation to learn and techniques to excel. That is our core business after all..

May God Bless.

My Class T Shirt


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