Students of My Pride

Posted: August 6, 2011 in My Work Field

Pray we Must

It was weekend and I was on duty.

Rather than whining about the job as it was  Saturday, I complied subversively..

Supposedly, Kak Roha was assigned to accompany students for the PMR Seminar,

but as a return for her great deeds to me, there was no way for me to turn down her request,

So, there I was, sitting for 3 hours in a seminar along with my students…

The talk waz boring though..

but something captivated my eyes in the hall…

when it waz the time for Zohor,

and my students were the only group that solat…

performing the pillar of our religion when no one else seemed to care..

and without me to yell at them..

and there I was, stumbled and amazed, that these students are my pride…

Participants of different schools at the Seminar


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