Happy Teacher’s Day!- The Chapter of My Life

Posted: May 18, 2011 in My Personal Life, My Work Field

Hadiah Pelajar

It’s May 16th. Happy teacher’s day to all teachers in Malaysia! This is the third time for me to celebrate the teacher’s day as a teacher. Time flies so fast, It was like yesterday that I came to Sabah as a novice, and within just a blink of eyes, it has been 3 years since then..

Tq to my students for giving me presents. I am so much grateful for the gifts, and it has lifted up the fading motivation within.. I thought I would never receive anything due to my incompetency…due to my snobbishness….and all my lackings here and there, yet I still got something. Tq. Insyaallah, I will never stop trying to strive to be a better teacher.
The schoolhood memories are always fresh in my head. There were many teachers that played important part in portraying who I am now. But one in particular which I never forget up until now. Her name is Johaini, my English teacher when I was in standard 2 or 3.
I was very introvert in class back then. My English was horrible..whenever examination, all I could do was to rewrite the instructions into the answer space. However ironically, I was always admiring my English teacher, Ms. Johaini for her dashing appearance and fancy English slang. I was always interested to participate in the classroom activities with her but I could not summon my courage to do so, realizing my poor English…
There was one day, when she was late and we were wondering where she could be…and her name “Johaini’ was the subject of our conversation while waiting for her to come to the class. I tried to say her name as fast as I could and it turned out to be sounded like “Joe Anying”. To my dismay, my friends misinterpreted and accused me of mocking the teacher. The word “Anying” in Kelantan slang means ‘anjing’ or bitch. Once Ms. Johaini came into the classroom, he reported right away to her that I had called her as “Joe Anying” or Joe the Bitch. It was something unforgivable for a student to call something like that to his teacher. She was angry at me. She called me for an explanation, but my tongue was too numb to speak the truth….I tried to explain but I juz could not… All that I could do was to ask for apology and promised to never do that again.
I had a bleeding heart that day. I hated my self for being so coward, for unable to explain the truth and letting myself to be regarded as an insolent kid by my most favorite teacher. I blamed my self for being so weak and allowed myself to be a victim of slander…. But that was actually a turning point for me to become stronger than ever. Since the incident, I had developed a thought of wanting to prove that I wasn’t worthless after all to her eyes. I wanted to change her bad perception about me, and there was only one way to do that, by showing her how good I could possibly turn to be in her subject, which was English.
The next coming weeks, I started to show my enthusiasm in English. I knew I had to remove my shell of fear, thus, I began to step up and joining every activity she arranged in the classroom. I started competing raising hands with others to answer her open-ended questions, participating in her quiz. In fact, there was a day where I was never happier to know that she had given me a green star on the classroom’s star board for being the first finishing up her exercise. I knew she was startled with the changes I imposed to her, but I guess she was beginning to favor me. I felt like I was shone by the limelight whenever she was constantly subjected me for her questions and quizzes. Prior to that, I noticed that my English was gradually starting to be improving..
I’ve learnt the hard lesson for being cowardly passive. Nevertheless, I was grateful for that incident had triggered a wave of change in my life. Who would have thought that a boy who was copying the instructions of questions to fill up the answer space, become an English teacher nowadays.
Happy teacher’s day to Teacher Johaini. Even though I have no idea where she is now, I hope she’s still healthy and strong and keeps becoming an inspirational figure to others.
“Terima Kasih Cikgu!”

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