Revalation of the TRUTH

Posted: April 5, 2010 in My Personal Life

Friends Forever

Kinda amused to know on how they thought about me.But then it was me  as well that created  all this stupid misunderstanding.I guess I have to make things clear, so no more heart-tickling assumptions  ever come to surface again.

The way I acted and behaved to her may seem unlikely, but the reason is simple.I dun wanna offend anyone.If I were too comfortable with anyone, I tend to fool around making stupid jokes to cheer up the air.

So, i dun wanna make a scene of any commotion if my proximity with her may cause discomfort to others.That’s why I behaved nicely, but never had I tried to avoid her. never! Why would I?

So, please dun ever come up  with the theory that i was frustrated and heart-broken again.It was not true,never had i thought that, not even a tiny spec of my thought would ever fall to her.

Not even once! Coz my own “big day” is drawing nearer as well.


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