Kem Serumpun Satu Malaysia

Posted: November 13, 2009 in My Work Field

Banner Kem Serumpun 1 Malaysia

I was informed to attend a camp called One Root, One Malaysia (Satu Rumpun Satu Malaysia) at the nick of time after getting back recklessly from a website building course held by Educational Technological Development Centre of Papar. I felt dishearten as i was about to lose my chance to participate the inter-dorm sport competition, that was unfortunately colliding with the same date of the camp.Nevertheless, the negative feeling started to fade away as I was starting to enjoy the camp after experience it myself. Being as the companied teacher, this is my story…

I arrived hastily  at DZ Nature Resort, Ulu Kimanis at noon, as I was asked to bring fourteen trays and cups for my starving students who were too shy to ask for plates from others to eat. I felt a sense of relief after seeing my colleague, waiting for me, at least I have someone that I familiar to stay with the unfamiliar place and people. Still bewildered with the surrounding, which seemed very pleasing for nature lover, I still anxious about the whole thing. What the camp is all about?? Look at the following pics

Collaborative Game- Jongkong Mas





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