TDMians On Photo Shots

Posted: February 5, 2009 in My Work Field

It’s time for photo shots! As expected, TDMians are always excited when it comes about taking pictures. Though it was Wednesday which everyone was obligated to be in their uniforms, but exemption was given to those who were involved in photo shots. So, they ironed their baju melayu neatly the night before, and then enthusiastically waiting for their turn.

Being entrusted to hold documentation port folio, It is my responsibility to document events of the school, thus, taking class photos is something I must do unconditionally. Luckily I have a friend, Ustaz Mujiburrahman, to give me a hand. He possesses an SLR camera, which then was being used for the whole photographic session. I am a lucky man for being surrounded by kind-hearted friends.


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